The Law of Attraction

It’s real people.  I’m not late to the party.  I read The Secret years ago and the Power of Positive Thinking years before that.


I’ll tell ya something.  This shit is real.  How do I know?  Because I fell away from that super positive mindset last year.  I let politics irritate me, I let the haters of the world get to me, I found myself spending more time talking about things that suck in life rather than the good in life.


So you know what I’ve been doing recently?


I dropped the news.  It’s the same ole shit, just a different day.  I tune in for the weather and the sports though!


I stopped obsessing about problems that I can’t control, nor can I solve.


I refuse to engage with negative people about negative things.


I’m a problem solver.  Solution based thinking.


I look at the GOOD NEWS of the world.  There is a lot of it!  Check out the Good News Network!


I am grateful for all the wonderful things that are in my life!  Starting with the breath I am breathing right now!


So, I encourage you to take the law of attraction into your life.  Purge those negative thoughts.  Be grateful for what you have.


Most importantly, visualize that wonderful future — because you deserve it!


YOU ROCK!What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!