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3/20/13  Why Normal is Such a Catch — The Huffington Post




3/08/13   15 Things New Mom’s Worry About — GALTIME


2/28/13  What Message Are You Sending — SMARTER DATING


2/26/13 – The Ricki Lake Show Website — 3 Big Reasons To Play Nice With Your EX


2/23/13 – 3 Tips for Dealing with an Unreasonable EX – The Huffington Post


2/20/13  Broken Heart Syndrome on Huffington Post Live


2/5/13 — Stop Hating Valentine’s Day on GALTME


1/29/13 — The Lasting Effects of Talking Bad About Your EX – The Huffington Post


1/15/13 — How to Carve Out Couple Time When You Have a Baby – on GALTIME


1/15/13  Guest on Susan Rich Talks


1/11/12 – Losing Friends During Divorce or Not — The Huffington Post


1/3/12 Singles and Couples – 5 Ways to Celebrate the New Year on Divine Caroline


12/31/12  How to Fall In Love With Yourself on GalTime


12/27/ 12  New Year’s: No Date, No Problem on Galtime and The Huffington Post Women


12/19/12  On Huffington Post Divorce — Competition with Your Ex


12/18/12    3 Ways to Keep From Going Crazy After Divorce on the Huffington Post Divorce


11/29/12  100 Day LoveFest Countdown with Tina Nies — Blog Talk Radio


11/19/12  5 Signs of Verbal Abuse — On Yahoo Shine


11/15/12  Why You Shouldn’t Buy Her a Ring for the Holidays — on GALTIME and YAHOO SPORTS  and ASKMEN.COM and Huffington Post Weddings


10/31/12   Why Dating Mr. Normal Beats Dating Mr. Excitement on Your Tango


10/16/12  Mentioned in this article on LOOP 21 — Women, Would You Flirt at the Workplace to Get Ahead?


10/5/12   – Guest Post — 7 Ways to Survive Divorce Later in Life on GALTIME


10/03/12 5 Tips for Introducing your Boyfriends to Your Children – on The Huffington Post


9/27/12 Featured Author on Emme Nation – Book Bites – With Emme the Supermodel


9/19/12 – 5 Tips for Introducing your Boyfriend to Your Children on GALTIME


9/07/12 Radio Guest on What’s Up With Wendy talking about relationships!


8/17/2012 – Review from Dorian Smith on


8/13/12  Guest on Kim Brown Talks

Making Dating After Divorce Work for You –


7/9/12  Post on – Are You Too Picky? 


6/29/12 Mention on Love Unraveled Blog


6/20/12 Post on Life. Love . Shopping —  5 Ways to Enjoy the Single Life


5/22/12  Article in YAHOO SHINEFinding the Perfect Man for You


5/5/12 Article in Girlfriendology – “Giving a Friend Difficult News”


2/29/12  On the Air with Nancy Brook on Love Your Path Radio


2/24/12  Article on Sheknows.com5 Dating Tips that Work


1/13/12  Article in Shape Magazine OnlineDating Advice – 5 Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Date 


1/04/12 Article on EmpowerHer on “How to Make More Positive Relationships”


1/04/12 Article in The Grindstone on “Is Marrying Higher Up in the Company a Death Sentence?”


10/11/11  On the air with Bernadette on One Life Radio 1190Am in Dallas


9/13/11 On the air with Sage and Bernadette on One Life Radio 1190AM in Dallas


9/5/11  On the air with Paul and Matty on the Paul and Matty Show

8/24/11 Article on  –  Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

8/8/11 On First Word Radio Show Blog Talk Radio with Michelle Gamble-Risley and Sonja Fischer from 3L Publishing talking about relationships


8/2/11 Article in Glamour Underground


7/27/11 On the air with Keith Garvin on CBS11 News in Dallas/Ft. Worth talking about 6 Signs You Should Run from a Guy


6/29/11 On the air with Karen Borda on CBS11 News in Dallas/Ft.Worth talking about the difference between a wedding and a marriage


6/21/11 On the air with Laura Lynn on 106.1 Dubuque’s Super Hits


6/21/11 On the air with Kim Sullivan on 99.7 EZ Rock in Ottawa


5/27/11 on the air with Tracy Kornett on CBS11 news in Dallas/Ft. Worth talking about Dating with Kids


5/19/11 On the radio with Cyrus Webb at blogtalk radio


5/13/11 On the air with Tracy Kornett on CBS11 4pm news in Dallas/Ft. Worth talking about Relationships


5/06/11 On the air with Tracy Kornett on CBS11 4pm news in Dallas/Ft. Worth to talk about Dating after Divorce


5/02/11 On the air with Kim Iverson on Your Time with Kim Iverson


4/23/11 On the air with Mindy Drayer on NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio


4/20/11 On the radio with Fran Lewis of Blog Talk Radio


4/17/11 On the air with Ashley Roberts of DFW Closeup KDAFTV in Dallas, Texas


4/13/11 On the radio with Elaina McMillan of Naked Talk Radio WKRP Radio (Denver, Colorado) and online


3/31/11 On air with Tracy Kornet on CBS11 4pm news in Dallas/Ft. Worth – Talking about the four seasons rule


3/23/11 On air with Tracy Kornet on CBS11 4pm news in Dallas/Ft. Worth


3/14/11 On air with Jen on PCTV’s Mountain Morning Show (Park City Television – Park City, UT)


3/14/11 On the radio with Leslie Thatcher @ KPCW Radio (Park City, UT)


1/18/2011 Relationships and Red Flags  – Identity Magazine


I am a regular Co-Host on Tuesdays (Relationship Day) on 1190AM ONE LIFE RADIO in Dallas!  Tune in — it’s great!




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