I’m always looking for ways to add more positivity and more happiness in my life. Lucky me when I was sent a copy of Live Happy magazine!
The magazine is beautifully laid out with interesting articles that offer new ways at looking a life. It’s filled with inspiration and ideas to live happy.
They touch on everything — health, fitness, nutrition, creativity, and the mind. I love that there were so many take aways and lessons that I was able to put into practice.

The power of positive self talk was especially inspiring. Words matter. It’s real. I know I want to be telling myself good things.

You definitely want to pick up a copy or subscribe online!  You could literally tear out 30 pages and be inspired all month!

Check them out at

You can live happy — starting now!!

Why You Shouldn’t Read Between the Lines

Where do I begin?


Inferring or reading in between the lines is a dangerous thing to do in any relationship.  It’s how poor communication begins.


Another situation where you shouldn’t read between the lines is in life.  Don’t guess or infer and wait for shit to happen for you.  Or self sabotage because you do the same thing.  Take things on face value and if you have a problem, clarify.  Then own it up if you are wrong.


The place I experience this the most is my writing for the Huffington Post.  For every article, there is always a handful of people that paraphrase my words, infer meaning, and then bitch about it to the world.  It’s like watching the first half of a movie and telling someone the ending without having seen it.


So the next time you want to bitch about something I wrote — bitch about what I actually wrote about…not what you THINK or INFERRED that I wrote about.


I can take criticism and I’m fine to agree to disagree with anyone.  You don’t have to like me or my writing and I’m totally cool with that.  But at least don’t like the real me.

Turn it Around!

Ever wake up in a bad mood? Or have you had something irritate you early in the morning and it sets a bad tone for the whole day?

I have a trick!

It’s called — TURN IT AROUND.

Stand up and do a full circle.

Find 5 things to be grateful for.

Find 3 things that are going good today and say them out loud. (it could be, the sun is shining!)

Then seek to find at least 10 more things that rock during the day.

Before you hit 10 — you’ll be in a better mood! PROMISE!



The Law of Attraction

It’s real people.  I’m not late to the party.  I read The Secret years ago and the Power of Positive Thinking years before that.


I’ll tell ya something.  This shit is real.  How do I know?  Because I fell away from that super positive mindset last year.  I let politics irritate me, I let the haters of the world get to me, I found myself spending more time talking about things that suck in life rather than the good in life.


So you know what I’ve been doing recently?


I dropped the news.  It’s the same ole shit, just a different day.  I tune in for the weather and the sports though!


I stopped obsessing about problems that I can’t control, nor can I solve.


I refuse to engage with negative people about negative things.


I’m a problem solver.  Solution based thinking.


I look at the GOOD NEWS of the world.  There is a lot of it!  Check out the Good News Network!


I am grateful for all the wonderful things that are in my life!  Starting with the breath I am breathing right now!


So, I encourage you to take the law of attraction into your life.  Purge those negative thoughts.  Be grateful for what you have.


Most importantly, visualize that wonderful future — because you deserve it!


YOU ROCK!What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!

Your Life Starts…NOW!

I’ve been guilty of saying things like this far too many times to count.

I’ll do it later.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

I don’t have time for that.

The time isn’t right.

Not right now.

I don’t think it’s possible.

If I only had (fill in the blank here) then I could do it.


Excuses, excuses, excuses.


Burn the excuses.  You have used them all up.  Your excuse free life starts now.  Take it one day at a time and don’t make an excuse for anything.  Make actions.


I’m devoting one hour of my day today to do three things I put off yesterday.  NO more excuses.


What are you going to do today?


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
Jordan Belfort272560547_2a0f61119a_z

You Are Awesome!

You really are!  Do you believe it?


Have you been told you aren’t awesome?  Have there been people in your life that put you down?  Tell you that you are worthless or no good?  People that bully you or trick you?  People that just talk down to you?


Do you feel bad because of bad things that have happened to you in the past?


Do this:  Take a piece of paper and write every horrible thing anyone has ever said to you on it.  Take the awful feelings you feel and put it on paper. 

Now, do this: Rip it to shreds.  These things aren’t true and they don’t apply to you. 


Take another piece of paper out and write down three things you love about yourself.  This is the space you want to be in.


You are special.  You are not the bad things that have happened to you.  You are here because you are important to someone.  You matter!


Everyone is put on this earth with potential to be great.  All you have to do is decide that you are great.  Love yourself.


Are you having trouble?  I’d love to help you!  Let me know!

Being Positive

Did you know that being positive is exponentially more attractive than being negative?

Seems obvious, but are you aware of your negativity?  Does someone give you a compliment like, “You are so talented” and you reply with, “No, I’m not.”  That’s negative!

Sit down and find 5 great things about you and commit them to memory.

Seek out and genuinely compliment 5 people today.  See what happens.

For extra credit, see if you can turn every situation today into something positive!

I’m positive you will live longer and have more friends with your new attitude.