Be Cool!! Not Angry, Bitter, Nasty or Disrespectful…Unless you want to be SINGLE your whole life!

I try to live by life by being gracious, courteous and respectful to others.  I might not always agree with them, but I can be respectful.  Sometimes, I just say nothing if I can’t muster something decent.  This is not to say I have never been angry or never been in a verbal argument with someone.  Of course I have…lots of times.  As I get older, I try to make those times few and far between.

Sure you can watch the news and get all riled up or you can read something you vehemently disagree with and get all riled up.  Heck, you can drive on the highway and get your panties in a wad with all the dumb drivers out there.  There are millions of reasons every day why you could get bent.

There are also millions of reasons why you shouldn’t let every little single thing irritate you.  It’s called quality of life.  It’s called happiness.  AND, most importantly, if you are single, being cool and calm is attractive.

Men (and women for that matter) don’t like to be around people that get irritated by everything.  They don’t like to be around people that treat others like shit.  No one likes an assholette.

Imagine going on a first date with someone and all you do is bitch.  I don’t like seafood.  I was cheated on before, so I don’t trust men.  He’s just a waiter, who cares how I talk to him.  Slit my wrists right now debbie downer.


Do this —> be_cool


Go with the flow if something little bugs you.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself, will this really matter a day from now?  Will I solve anything by bitching about it?  What good can come of my pissy attitude?  Most likely nothing.  Here is what can come of you being cool.  You will be smiling, you’ll be happy and people will want to be around you.  Unless of course you want to stay miserable.  Of course, misery loves company, so you and your sad single minions can all cry wahhhh together.  SINGLE.

Am I saying you can never get mad?  No.  If you got that from this post, you were clearly assuming…and we all know what happens when you assume.  You make an ass outta…

There is a time and a place for anger, but save it for the big things.  Then get it out and move on down the road.  Life is for those living in the present.  Not the past.

A Birdie Told Me That YOU ROCK!

A little birdie told me that you rock!

Walk like you own the place.

Smile like you are in love.

Care like it’s your baby.

Forgive and forget because life is too short waste on a bad past.

Know that someone needs you in this world.