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“A very witty book on the dating adventure. It made me laugh and feel less stressed about finding the right person.
The author has a positive approach of what to do when you’re out there in search of that special person.
Loved it and would highly recommend it. There is no psychological text book advice, it is straight up, “this is how it is”! Easy to read.” – rstevens

STOP LOOKING Is Written For Women But Great Advice For Men As Well

“There are some people in life that just feel like they are just meant to be with someone. For Marina Sbrochi she has learned that relationships are more about love and compatibility than just having a warm body to call your own. She has used her own experiences and that of individuals share with her to write the poignant and sometimes humorous book STOP LOOKING FOR A HUSBAND.

I read the book as someone who talks with individuals (male and female) quite a bit about relationships, and it was great to see something that really has a universal approach. There are some men out there that will choose to settle in order to have someone in their lives, just like some women would. Marina shows why it’s important to know yourself well before you begin a relationship with someone else if you are truly looking for happiness.

Another fact that she talks about is the importance of face-to-face connections versus hiding (and sometimes stalking) over the internet. Only when you are around someone can you see not only how they interact with you, but those around them as well.

STOP LOOKING may be written with women in mind, but it is something that both sexes can read, enjoy and apply.” – C.A. Webb “Conversations Book Club”

Great dating advice!

“This is like having a good friend whose advice you really trust with you when you read! Sbrochi keeps a cool head about dating, which is smart because so many of us are hurt after rushing into the wrong relationships. Suggestions like the 4 seasons rule and ways to get out there and meet like-minded people are very helpful! This is much better than The Rules which was popular a few years ago – no games here, just pointers for an adult looking for the love of her life!
PS–’Like’ it on facebook! The author gives great little snippets of suggestions every day that are uplifting to all, single or locked down!” – RED

Must-have relationship book!

“This is a really fun, informative, and refreshing read. The author really hits the nail on the head about the word “husband”, and how we should spend more time finding someone to share our life with. I’m glad she shares my opinion about online dating, at least how you shouldn’t go about doing it! Overall, a very empowering message and I’m telling all my girlfriends to pick this one up!” – CCH

The new ‘it’ book about dating!

If you are single – RUN(don’t walk!)and go buy this book! A witty and clever take on dating today and focusing on making yourself happy as opposed to others – by surprise, surprise…being YOURSELF! I read ‘cover to cover’ in one evening and want to tell the world about this book. The author has a straight forward, refreshing outlook focusing on being positive, putting your best foot forward and most of all being honest with yourself. Must read! – Amanda

Best Dating Book EVER!!!!

“I wish I had this book years ago and I could have saved myself a lot of mistakes. The good news…I won’t deter from Sbrochi’s advice. This is my dating reference book. So often women fall trap to wanting a husband — wanting that ring – I know I did. Two divorces later…and let’s just say, I made all the classic mistakes but surely didn’t think I was making them at the time. Had I read this book, I would have never married either time. The author has great stories that show exactly what she wants to say — and she doesn’t do it in a preachy way. She encourages you to be yourself — really be yourself — not just some self help mumbo jumbo.

I loved the book — it was funny, and it had some great ideas in it as well. I will be giving this as a gift to all my single friends and all my divorced friends and all those in a bad relationship. Trust me girls, this IS the book for any single female! Loved it” – Milla

Very Well Written

“I thought it was excellent! And spot on. It was just the right advice I needed to end a current relationship I was going nowhere in. Marina feels like a friend talking to you and not preaching or shoving advise down your throat. She opens your eyes to what we all sometimes loose sight of. I will keep this book and refer back to it should I ever go off track again. Get it today – it’s a must! Life is too short to waste any more time on the wrong men :) ” – Hvnphunn

Everyone Must Read – Guys or Girls

“This book is well done: hilarious, on point, and a must read for everyone. Whether you are already in a relationship or not, it will make you laugh as well as think. It’s also entertaining to read and will have you laughing out loud at the silly things we have all done (or cringed at as our friends did) and recognize in the stories the author shares. Have the fabulous life you deserve.” – Alden

For women who don’t like to hear it Marina tells it like it is.

I just loved this book and Marina’s quirky style of writing. This book is a quick, enjoyable read that won’t leave you with that multiple therapy session book feeling. You will laugh your way through it and still learn a lot in the process. Marina shares stories of her real life friends and her real life which gives her advice real meaning. From the first sentence Marina already had my attention and let’s just say I read this book in one sitting.

Page after page kept me wondering why some women do these things she shares in her book. I also found myself pointing out some women I know in my life who are guilty of some of these bad behaviors toward men and relationships. When Marina speaks about how some women already have their complete wedding planned out and don’t even have a boyfriend, it just cracks me up. At this point in the book I had a memory of when I was a child. Me a little under the age of 10 on the front porch of my cousins home, my cousin telling me “when I get married I am going to have 8 bridesmaids in my wedding and the color of their dresses will be.. yada yada ya.” I quickly tuned her out then and throughout my life. That cousin who is a year younger than me, I now married and over 44, has never married. She has been in very bad relationships throughout her life. I have been lucky that I have never been so superficial when it came to men, not to say I have not had my share of jerks, but I am happily married. This book is not about finding a man, it has great advice even for the married woman, advice we can also share with our daughters. Many of us women who are mothers have daughters that may carry these self destructive patterns Marina speaks about. It dosen’t matter where they learned it, they need to unlearn it. The truth is the main point of this book is about finding your true self and making her happy, then learning how to love her, before searching for someone else to love.” – Autumn Blues Reviews

This Review was sent to me from a recent reader named Amberly, she told me this review is for all single women to read! – I love it!

Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life by Marina Sbrochi

If you are looking for an exciting dating book, Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life is absolutely what you are looking for. This is the best book written about dating and true relationship which both men and women will surely love to read. This is the type of book that everyone would surely not want to miss to read, especially by those who are still single and looking for a partner.

Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life, which is authored by acclaimed writer, Marina Sbrochi is a dating book that will give you lessons about dating and searching for the man of your dreams. The story of this book is about the true essence of looking for a lifetime partner. The author was inspired to write this book when she was searching for answers as to why her marriage with her husband ended. This book was made to help others seeking divorce. Personal experiences have opened her outlook about searching for lifetime partners when she began dating again.

The book Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life educates that marriage is something that is not to rush with if you want the relationship with your chosen partner to last. This dating book enlightens you that in seeking for a relationship, your goal must not be focused on marriage. If you want to find the love of your life you have to spend more dating time with your partner. Through this, both of you will be given the chance to know each other more, thus building the kind of foundation that will never ruin your marriage in the future.

Usually, when women are searching for partners, their goal is to get married in front of the altar and have children. This type of notion about having a serious relationship more often does not last. This is the reason why the number of divorce cases increase. Rushing to marriage is not the answer for a lifelong partnership. This book will teach you the rules as well as the tricks that you can apply in dating, which is the start when both partners create their foundation in preparation for a more serious relationship. The mere idea of finding a partner, getting married and having a husband is not enough. Both must feel a deep feeling for each other like love, and this cannot be determined at first glance only. It requires more bonding time to know each other more.

Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life is the definitely the most excellent dating book that will teach you how to find not the man of your dreams, but the man of your life. The bloopers that are included in the book are hilarious. However, they will surely give you more lessons about finding an eternal relationship. So, why don’t you buy this book now and discover more about romantic relationships?


About The Book

Women have been conditioned to search for the perfect man who will fulfill the dream of a white dress, a diamond ring, Sbrochi_Cover_1652.5 kids, and a house in the ’burbs. There is pressure from family, friends and the media!  Nowhere in this fairy tale is there anything about falling in love with the one you can’t live without—and having fun doing it!     Do you ever think the reason the divorce rate is so high is because women have been taught that life isn’t complete without a husband? We rush into marriage only to discover that it was never meant to be. Quick, find that man before you reach a certain age, and seal the deal. Make him commit or else! The truth is: a marriage will never work when its foundation is set on shaky ground.

Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life bucks the notion that a woman needs a husband to be happy.

Author Marina Sbrochi tells the modern, intelligent woman that she will only find real love when she gets the objective of marriage out of her head—a fundamental mind shift. Change your goal from finding a husband to finding the love of your life, and you’ll find happiness.

The honest, straightforward advice—and the often hilarious accounts—speak to anyone who has read all the “rules” and tried all the tricks, yet can’t seem to get off the starting line.

Stop Looking for a Husband will not only give the intelligent woman ideas for a new and enhanced approach to finding love but will also keep her in stitches with sage advice and true tales that can only happen in real life.