The Truth Shall Set You Free

This has been stuck in my head since the Oprah and Lance Armstrong interview.  Oprah is an AMAZING interviewer!  The ending — with her stating that she hoped the moral of his story would be, The Truth Shall Set You Free blew my mind.  It was perfect!

Now, coming to think of the work I have been doing with some clients and others — this is one phrase that can make your life better.


I don't just mean, don't lie to others, I mean don't lie to yourself.  This is sometimes where the biggest problems occur.  We lie to ourselves and make up scenarios and act on things that aren't really real. 

So stop lying to yourself.  You will not move forward if you are living a lie.


Goals and Mini Goals

Did you make any resolutions this New Year?

I personally do New Year's Slogans — a theme to start the year off right.  This year, my theme is GET READY!  Getting ready to take it to the next level.  I'm ready to take it all to the next level in everything I do.

I also like to set big goals and mini goals.  That way I can meet my mini goals and feel accomplished on my way to my big goals!

Example — BIG GOAL — To be on a major television talk show or news program to let everyone know about Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life and help women so they won't make that critical mistake and marry for the wrong reasons.

MINI GOAL — send out 10 books a month

MINI GOAL — query 5 people a month

You see how when I accomplish these mini goals, it puts me on track to make my big goal!!

What are some of your goals this year?

Don’t Ever Pretend….Unless

You are an actor. 

I know it sounds so tempting to pretend you like sports, when in reality you had to brush up on the difference between college football and the NFL.

Pretending to be someone who you are not to impress another person is lying.  Flat out.  Do you want to be with a liar?  I didn't think so.  Neither does anyone else.

Be proud of who you are.  Love what you love.  It's okay if you don't know about something your new partner loves — the good news, he can show you about his interests! 

So don't fake it.  Most men can smell a faker a mile away.  Women can too.  Leave the faux for fur. 

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy 2013!!  Welcome to the best year yet! 

You can take the important step of loving yourself and doing things for yourself right now!  Make an action plan.  A directive, not just a to do list.

Have you changed your mindset from looking for a husband and husband hunting to finding the love of your life? 

Start here — you can buy the book on kindle for $1.99 or order a paperback copy!