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Don’t Revisit the Devil

You hear things like this in the news all the time:

Woman stays with husband that abuses her. 

Woman goes back to spouse that repeatedly cheats on her.

Why is this?  Well, there is obviously a bigger issue at hand and it involves, self esteem, self respect and self worth — mainly lack of those things.  Why else would we stay with someone who treats us this way?  This is NOT normal behavior.  Do you hear me?  Not normal.

Some of you have been unfortunate enough to find yourself in a bad relationship.  Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, it's still abuse and you need to get out.  If it's physical, call a family member or a trusted friend or even an agency that specializes in helping women in your situation right away.  Do not stick around for another second. You do not deserve rotten treatment.

Even if the treatment is just disrespect, like he is constantly cheating on you or belittling you — you need to get out as well.

These men have problems and these problems are not yours to solve.  You need to help yourself — especially if you have children.  The matter is urgent.


You must figure out why it is that you are allowing yourself to be treated this way?  You must seek help immediately.  You do not deserve this type of treatment.  You must gain back your self esteem and self worth.  You cannot accept this type of behavior.  Heal yourself.

Whatever you do — DO NOT REVISIT THE DEVIL.  Remember why you left.  Just because time has passed and he says he has changed or he buys you something or warms up to you with some kind of sweet talk.  Don't do it.  The devil has a way of controlling you.  Remember the past.  Learn from it.

One of my favorite quotes from Oprah — "When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them." 

This guy has shown you nothing but heartache and pain.  He has shown you exactly who he is.  Believe him.

Move forward and do not revisit this devil. 

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The Faker

Don’t be this girl…..

Megan wants a boyfriend more than she wants anything else in life.  She has been single for over ten months now. 

Every time we go out I see the real Megan disappear into what I call the “fake Megan.” 

Normally Megan is a sweet, somewhat shy, conservative lawyer who loathes sports and only eats organic foods.  “Fake Megan” assumes the traits of any man she is interested in. 

For example, we meet Rob at a bar and Rob tells us he is a theater actor.  Wouldn’t you know it; Megan suddenly professes her love of theater!  She loves the arts!  They talk endlessly about the tragedy of arts programs being de-funded in schools these days. 

The next night we meet Kyle, the hockey player.  You guessed it, guess what Megan’s favorite new sport is?  Hockey!  I’m actually surprised she can come up with the names of any hockey teams, let alone any of the rules. 

I have seen about twenty versions of fake Megan.  They all end the same way.  The real Megan realizes that she and “guy” just don’t have anything in common after about three months.  I wonder why? 

Poor Megan is lacking confidence in herself.  For some reason, she just doesn’t trust that someone will love her for exactly who she is, not who she can pretend to be.

Trust ME when I tell you — someone will love you for exactly who you are!  Not the fake who you are NOT!

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