Competition is for Sports – Not Dating

I hate that I even have to write this….but it seems as though some ladies haven't grown past high school on this one.

You don't compete for guys.  You just don't.  A guy isn't something that can be "won" like a trophy.  People aren't objects. 

If you and a friend catch eyes on the same guy — have a real talk like big girls.  Don't go secretly texting and calling and try to get in closer so that he likes you more.  This is something that should be left for the high school gals (and even you high school gals should be smarter than this one).

A guy can smell two girls competing for him right away.  It will turn off any normal guy (although he might be slightly flattered at first) but he won't want to come between a "friendship" of two gals that seem to like the same guy.  Now, of course there are always those low self esteem guys that will play right into your pettiness.  He will happily string you both along until you both get hurt.  Is that what you want?

Solution – Agree to be cool.  If he knows both of you –  Leave it up to him to decide and be cool with his decision.  Or if that doesn't make either one of you feel good — let it go and find something else to do.  How about a running race?  Or a bike race.  May the best gal win!