Friends of Ricki – The Ricki Lake Show

So I was lucky enough to go to one of the first tapings of the new Ricki Lake show coming out Sept 10!  It was so much fun– but shhhh, can't say what it was about!


Here is a great photo of me and two other Friends of Ricki.



You can follow them on twitter with the #FriendsOfRicki or @FriendsOfRicki — you can follow the whole Ricki Lake team and they will follow you back!  Super cool!  Way to use SM!

Grave Digger Dating

Ok, so it's not really GRAVE DIGGING in the literal sense….it's just digging up past boyfriends. 

I call it grave digging because once you are done with a relationship, you bury it and move on.  Nothing good comes from digging up old relationships and I'll tell you why!

—–> Ex means Ex — These people are not in your life now for a reason.  Go back and remember the reason you really broke up.  And don't go back there again.

—–> But he dumped me?!  Exactly.  He dumped you.  So why do you want to go back to someone that didn't like you in the first place?  Have you changed or are you still the same you? 

—–> Let go of the Past.  It is very easy to romanticize the past and forget about the reasons why we aren't with someone anymore. Unrequited love seems romantic, but it's not. 

Stop digging up the past and start planting your future now!  You sound bored and lonely.  Two cures for that!  First, call your friends and make plans.  Fill up those lonely nights with good friends and laughter.  Second, get a hobby!  Find someone you like to do — be it exercise or art – and do it! 

You can only move forward if you step out of the past!  This is the BEST DATING TIP for moving forward!  Bury the past and keep it there.