Is Everyone Taken?

Sometimes it might feel as if everyone is paired up.  You feel like you are the ONLY SINGLE GIRL left in the world.  Well my friend, this is simply not the truth. 


1. You aren't the last single girl — no matter how much it may seem like it. And half of those married folks aren't happy — so don't count them either. Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side — but just know this bit of truth, that grass needs mowed too.

2. Only you can make you happy. It's true. So instead of wishing you were somewhere else – embrace what you do have! Make plans to see those friends regardless of their marital status. Be the coolest "Auntie" out there.

3. Single Guys Don't Make House Calls – that's right! So instead of sitting at home wallowing in your singleness — get out there!

Make a list of 10 things you are interested in. Now find a place near you to hone those interests. You like music? Go see a concert. Like exercise, sign up for the Warrior Dash or a running club. Love art? Take an art class. Find things you like to do! Get out there and do them!

I promise, when you are happy and doing the things you love — you will meet that right person.

4. Read my book, Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life and you will feel better instantly!

3 Tips for a Successful Relationship

The top 3 things you must have for a successful relationship are:

Chemistry: Without this…you won't last over a year. You know when you have chemistry. If you have to ask — you don't have it.

Similar Interests: I'm not saying you have to have EVERYTHING in common, but you have to have lots of things in common.

What fun is it if you are always doing separate things? Of course you have to have your own interests, but together, you should find fun things to do that you both enjoy.

You need to be on the same page for big life events. If you don't have lots in common — you just won't have much to work with.

Trust and Communication: Do you trust one another? No trust, it's not gonna last!

Can you communicate well? It takes two to really work on things. Sure it's okay when things are going great, but how about when things are not? You have to be able to resolve issues.

I suggest dating someone for at least four seasons (one year) before you make any big commitment. It simply takes that long to really get to know a person and experience life.

In addition, if this is the love of a lifetime, you have a lifetime to enjoy it!

Why rush a good thing?

The Common Denominator

Are you a person that says things like, "I always have rotten relationships" or "I always end up dating jerks" or "the wrong guys always find me."

If so, I'm going to clue you in on something.  The common denominator in all of those bad relationships is you.  Have you ever for a moment thought that? 

Well, now that you know, let's do something to correct it! 

1. Make a list of all the bad traits that seem to keep flocking your way.  

2. Ask yourself why you tolerated those things? 

3. Now, make a list of traits you want in a partner.  (not things like money or a fancy car, but things like – honesty, integrity, humor…)

4. Make a promise to yourself.  Say this out loud – "I will not tolerate bad behavior."

5. Get out there and do things for yourself and I promise you, that the right person will now come along.

The Problem with “Call Me Maybe”

OK, for starters, I don't hate the song.  It's catchy.  Her voice is great and everyone is lip syncing to it. 

My problem is with the uncertainty of the last of these three words – Call Me Maybe.  C'mon girl, where is your confidence?  Just say, Call Me.  (PERIOD, END OF SENTENCE) Or Call Me Definitely!

No more maybe's.  He might just hear that MAYBE and MAYBE he won't call you.

I love for women to be bold and give out their number.  Just give it out with confidence.  Cuz you rock and you know it!