Don’t Date Your Friends Ex

This should be common sense — but apparently it is not — here is the story of SLOPPY SECONDS


Sloppy Seconds

There is another sneaky desperation move that some women get in the habit of doing that’s reminiscent of trash digging.  I call it sloppy seconds.  These women have a hard time finding a man on their own (presumably because they don’t have a life) so they wait around until they hear about a divorce or broken up couple.  Flash forward two seconds later and said woman is now pursuing another woman’s ex. 


My friend Karen was recently divorced and discussing dating with some of her tennis teammates.  Sloppy Susie asks Karen why she got divorced.  Karen politely says that they just weren’t a match and probably should have never married.  She goes on about what a nice guy her ex is, as she doesn’t want to bash him.  Before Karen could get the last word out of her mouth, Sloppy Susie wants to know if Karen would mind setting her up with her ex.  Seriously.  Talk about a little too close for comfort. 


Now of course Karen’s ex is going to date someone.  Karen wants her ex to be happy.  But when women go around directly asking to date your ex, that is bringing desperation to an all-new low. 


You might think your good friends ex is a great guy and sure, you wish you had a man as nice as him.  Don’t lower yourself to sloppy seconds.  Practice some good manners and let that one go and find someone that hasn’t already been swimming in the neighbors’ pool. 


*Note, this refers to significant ex's — not someone you dated for 5 minutes 5 years ago.  You can't call dibs on the world.  Likewise, you should know what is off limits too.  If you don't.  Ask. 

The #1 Way to Attract Someone

What is the number one way that you can attract someone when you are out and about?




Seriously.  It's true.  Everyone notices a smile.  It makes you instantly approachable. 


So go ahead and do the easiest thing you can do to look great — SMILE — and trust me, someone will notice!


If You Don’t Ask….

If you don't ask, the answer is always no. 


This is my FAVORITE saying!  I try to remind myself of this every time I get nervous about asking someone for something.  I have been working on getting my book out there, getting more press, creating job opportunities and meeting people.  If I just sat at home and wished for these things….well, I'd still be in bed wishing. 


Instead, I wish for these things and I work on them.  That means every day I put forth some effort to get me to my goals.  I keep looking for new ways to get out there.  New angles to present my information and new ways to help people.


So, I'm going to ask….


How can I help you today?  What questions do you have for me?  Let me answer your relationship questions and help you have a better life!