The Grass is Greener Syndrome

She's so lucky, she has the perfect husband.

She's so lucky, she has a 2 carat diamond ring.

She's so lucky, she has a great body.

She's so lucky, she has the perfect house.

She's so lucky, she has the perfect kids.


Is there anything wrong with the above?  Mostly not.  I mean, wow, girl sounds like she has a great life.  Lucky her!


Here's the problem ladies…the above statements are just that.  Statements.  She may have all of those things, but does she have love?  Is she joyous and happy?  Are the ring, the house and the perfect body just things or is this how she defines herself? 

We live in a grass is always greener kind of world.  It is so easy to look at our neighbors or our friends or watch tv and see all the THINGS that others have that we may not.  It's easy to feel a little jealous.  But soon, we find ourselves getting caught up in the trap to have the things our neighbors have or be like someone else.  The truth is — while that grass may seem green — it needs to be mowed too.  So while on the outside, it may look great — there is more to it than that.


Comparing yourself to others and wanting what others have will always leave you feeling empty.  You can never be someone else.  You have to strive for your own happiness.  You might want to ask that girl that has everything and she may just tell you — she has nothing.  You just see the outside and on the inside, she's empty. 


So, the next time you feel like everyone else has everything and you feel inferior.  Take a step back.  Look around and really value what you do have.  Your health, your friends, your family and all the other good things in your life.  Sure, that 2 carat ring looks great.  But when you realize that a diamond is just an overpriced allotrope of carbon that is not rare, but set by an artificial market to keep prices high — you will see that you want more than that in your life.  You want something you can value in your heart.  Then go watch this video — and be thankful for what you do have.

How to Meet People Easily!

Where will you find a perfect mate? 

A bar?  A club?  The grocery store?  Online?

A good place to start is a place you like.  What do you like to do?

‚Ä®Make a list of 10 things that interest you.  Once you have this, see what places cater to these interests.    

Here are some ideas:  

Do you like to garden?  Is there an arboretum in your town? A garden club?  Community garden?  

Are you interested in cooking?  Take a cooking class.  Have a plus one dinner party – invite 5 single friends and have them each bring a single friend of the opposite sex.  See what happens!  

Love to run?  Join a runners club.  Train for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon.  

Do you love music?  Check out some local bands – you never know who you may meet.  Believe it or not, I met the love of my life at a concert.  It can happen!  

Artsy?  Check our your local college or community college for art classes and seminars.  Make some art and meet some people.  

Join a gym and take some group classes.  

Find something you like and build a trip around it.  There are plenty of outfits that have some cool group tours.  I have a great friend that met the love of her life on a photographic tour of Italy.  

So, get out there and do what you like!  You just may meet someone!

Top 10 Dating Tips

Here are some tips you can put into action right now! 

1.  Be Cool – There is a fragrance that some women wear that I like to call Desperado, it reeks for miles and is a guaranteed man repellent.  Be Cool instead.  You aren't starving and he isn't a steak. 

2. Be Confident –  It is the secret aphrodisiac.  You are the biggest fan of you! Don't shortchange yourself.  There is nothing more unattractive than a woman that doesn't believe in herself.

3. Make Someone Else's Life Better –  Volunteer someplace close to your heart.  When you give, you get back.  Put karma in motion.

4. Get Outside –  Single men don't make house calls.  Plan things to do with your friends.  Not only do you get some good girl time in, but you may just sit next to a table of single guys!

5. Go to the Grocery –  Whole Foods now has a bar inside.  What better way for the like minded foodies to get together and bond.  Turn 'what to have for dinner' into a date!

6. Ask a Question – You find yourself standing in a long line at Starbucks and a super hot guy is right in front of you playing on his smart phone.  Just say, "Hi – Can I ask what the hottest app is right now?"  Start a conversation.  You never know where a question may lead!

7. Be Yourself –  It's true.  Pretending you are something you are not will have you labeled a liar and a fake.  You want someone to love you for you, right?  Right. 

8. Lobby Your HobbiesYou are more apt to meet someone with similar interests if you continue to do the things you love.  Sign up for everything you like to do – Warrior Dash, Kayaking, Painting Class, Wine Tasting — you get it! 

9. You Rock –  You don't need a man.  You just want one.  Realize this.  Live your life for yourself and he will come. 

10. Change Your Attitude –  It's not that nothing has worked.  It's just that nothing has worked yet.  Stay positive.