I LOVE Hearing From You!

Most recently I have heard from several of you that have read my book.  Everyone had something positive to say. 


I love hearing that my message has resonated with you. 

I love hearing that you found some new tips, ideas and confidence. 

I love hearing that you enjoyed the stories of others. 

I love that you have learned something.

I love that you LOVE the book!

I love the positive reviews you have written.

I love that you are telling your friends.

I am so happy to know that I can make a difference and help someone find their true love.



You know what?  I'd love to ask you all a few more things.  


Can you please write a review on Amazon.com if you haven't yet?


Can you please tell all of your friends?


Write or tell Hoda and Kathy Lee or Kelly Ripa or Ryan Seacrest or Ellen or Oprah or Rachel Ray or Wendy Williams —


I'd love to be on their show and help more women find the love of their life!