Dating Tips for the Holidays

Dating around the holidays sometimes can have that tricky little catch to it.  Like, should we do gifts?  Do we meet the fam?  Are we going to be a couple for New Years?


Holiday Dating Advice

1. Be Cool – Funny how this is always my number 1 tip.  Well, it's number one for a reason folks.  We often get caught up in dating, holidays and other crap, that we forget to just be cool. Act like this is any other day.  Just be cool and go with the flow.  No expectations, you just met they guy, c'mon now. 

2. Be Flexible – Don't preconceive anything in your head about how you would like this holiday to go with your new love.  It's new.  You have two different families and you haven't merged lives yet.  So be flexible.  He will get to meet all of your kooky relatives at the next function. 

3. Don't Merge Families –  Not just yet.  If your relationship is less than a few months old I think you should go to your family and he should go to his.  No sense getting the whole fam together when you really don't know each other that well yet — even if you think you do.  Keep something fun for next time. 

4. To Gift or Not to Gift – That is the question.  If it's really new, I'd say no.  Maybe you can just have a special holiday meal together.  If you are on the three month mark, then sure, a little something.  This is not the time to act all impressive and get him that Keith Haring print he has always wanted.  Slow it up a bit fancy pants. 

5. The New Years Eve Date –  You know it's amateur night, right?  So if you are asked to do something, go ahead and do it and have fun, but don't put any more pressure on this night than you would any other Saturday night date.  You aren't pressuring those either right?  You are who you are.  Just relax and have fun!  But sure, go ahead and make out a midnight.  If you don't want to make out with the dude you are with, that's your clue to not be with that dude in the next year.  (meaning the next day!)


Get your holiday spirit on!  Be nice to strangers.  Be nice to everyone!  Heck, you should be doing that all the time.  Look at the bright side of life and have fun! 

Keep your drinking to a minimum.  Nobody likes a sloppy holiday drinker.  Never, ever drive drunk.  Call a cab.  Sure beats having killed someone due to your stupidity of drinking and driving.

Get all your positive thoughts and plans for a new, fabulous year written down in a notebook and in your mind.  You, my friend, ROCK.  Nothing is gonna stop ya now!



Just because he’s nice, doesn’t make him right!

Yay you!  After dating and dating, you have finally met a guy that you like.  You have fun when you go out.  You find him attractive.  Yet…something is missing.  You can't quite put your finger on it.  He's nice, he's sweet, he's great on paper.  But you don't feel it.  What's a girl to do? 


It's hard when we date and date and date and nobody is even close — then we finally meet someone who is almost it.  But no spark.  Do you really need that spark?  I am here to tell you that YES you do need that spark.  It doesn't have to be a 24/7 spark, but it has to sparkle. 


Just because he's nice, doesn't make him right.  Remember this.  It's easy to dismiss a guy who is rude or crass or someone we just have zero in common with.  But what about the guy who is nice and cute?  Just because we don't run into one every day, doesn't mean they aren't out there.  And just because you run into one, doesn't mean he's the one for you.


For example – I dated a guy in my mid twenties.  Cute, nice, smart, perfect on paper.  Yet, every time we went out and every time we kissed.  I just didn't feel it.  I wasn't going gaga waiting for his calls.  He was just nice and cute and smart.  What's wrong with that, you say?  Well….lots.  I was never going to feel for him more than a friend.  When you are looking for a life partner — you need to feel more than friendship.  You would be doing yourself and your partner a disservice if you didn't hold out for that spark.


So ladies…let me leave you with this.  Just because he's nice, doesn't make him right.