Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce!

Is anyone really surprised here? 


I don't wish ill will or divorce on anyone.  But come on now?  When you know someone for six months, and your values are material, superficial and downright vapid — then you throw some endorsements and media on that — what do you get?  Exhibit A ^^^^


I am sad that the media hypes this type of reckless and indulgent behavior.  Seriously.  There are real dire situations going on in this world and we have our eyes focused on this crap!  A $10 million dollar wedding!?!?!  That spectacle lasted ONE DAY, not even a day, but hours long!  Could we have not educated some children?  Put some healthy food in the mouths of the poor?  Funded some people that were financially ruined by cancer?  I could name hundreds of uses for this money that would have bettered the earth than a $10 million dollar joke.  I haven't even tallied the money she made from magazines and TV for selling her story and fairytale wedding


But I want to personally thank Kim Kardashian for indirectly proving that all women need to read my book! 

Please feel free to tweet @kimkardashian and let her know I would be happy to send her a copy!