Meet the Parents! Holiday Edition

Dating takes on a new level as the holiday season approaches.  You and yours will probably be discussing holiday plans soon.  Where to go?  Will you each go to your own respective family or will you go together and meet the folks? 


If you decide to go ahead and meet the whole gang — there are  few things you need to know in advance.


1. Who is going to be there?  Always nice to know names and some background info before you go.  You'd hate to offer your wicked holiday nog to the uncle that is sober. 

2. What to wear?  Are they fancy holiday folks or jeans and casual kind of peeps.  Nothing worse than expecting some fun, casual food and football and showing up to a 7 course meal and formal wear.

3. What to bring?  A good house guest should always bring a little something to meet the fam.  But what?  Find out what they like.  Are they into wine?  Sweets?  Gourmet cheeses?  Flowers?  You'd hate to show up with some lilies just to find out that they give your potential future mother in law asthma. 

4. Sleeping arrangements?  Might want to think this out ahead of time too.  If mumsies thinks separate rooms until marriage, then you better do it.  If it's free love for everyone — yay for you…just don't wake the house up with your acrobatics.  They don't love you that much. 

5. Taboo Topics?  Maybe temper your your views on the politics and religion this go round.  You'd hate to bash Obama in his super liberal household and likewise, if you are staying with the family of Attila the Hun, you'd better not bring up your affinity for the left.

6. Be Yourself.  Seriously.  It's the best thing you can do. Of course you want to have manners and not insult anyone.  But you wouldn't be doing anyone any favors if you are pretending to be Lily Pulitzer when in reality you wouldn't be caught dead in any pink prints that look like they belong on children.

7. Don't Judge.  We all have family members that make us question genetics.  But that doesn't change the fact that you love the person  you came with.  You just have to tolerate the fam.  Of course it'd be great if everyone was compatible and fun.  At the end of the day, you can't pick your family.  You can however pick your mate.  So don't be thinking breakup on the ride home just because your love has a rougue relative that drinks too much and has the brains of a slug.  


So go on and have some fun.  At the very least, you will have some great holiday stories to tell!