What message are you sending?

So ladies, I have noticed some things lately about women and how we "market" ourselves to men.  I have been noticing lately that women are marketing their sexuality more than anything else.  I want to tell you why this is harmful and counterproductive to finding a stable and lasting relationship.

Go to any online dating website and comb the photos of some of the women.  Many of them quite beautiful, but in quite seductive poses.  Low cut shirts, breasts hanging out and a sultry look.  Is she sexy?  Sure.  Is she beautiful with a great body?  Sure.  But what message is she sending to everyone that looks at her picture? 


Let me tell you what the guys say:  She is telling me she wants sex.  She is telling me she is not afraid to show it all.  She looks like she'd be good in bed.  There are more comments like these, but the most disturbing comment was this.  "I wouldn't want to date a girl like that because while I want someone that is sexy and adventurous, I want it to be something special for me.  When she advertises like that to everyone else…well, it just cheapens it and I feel like she doesn't respect herself and has dumbed herself down to showing everyone her most intimate self.  I don't respect that."

OUCH!   Did you hear that ladies?  OUCH OUCH OUCH.   Please, please, don't be that girl!  There is nothing wrong with putting up a pretty picture of yourself.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy and have a sexual relationship with fun and adventure with someone.  But wait until you KNOW that someone.  Wait until you have established that you want to give that to a special someone.  Don't cheapen it out for the masses. 

For all you ladies that have put out that sexy picture — you know exactly what kind of response you get.  Men looking to have sex with you.  Men who don't want to take your seriously and men who don't respect you.  C'mon.  You want more than that.  So I am not asking you to forgo your sexy.  I am just asking you to wait until you have found the right person to share it with.  I guarantee you that the men you will meet once you put up that photo with your brilliant smile, will see that smile and that personality and fall in love with YOU and not your body or some fantasy. 

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If you happen to have children, the author of this article is a woman named Lenore Skenazy.  She is the founder of the Free Range Children parenting movement.  She has a great book, Free Range Kids and a blog by the same name — so check it out — great info!

Remember, there is always something wonderful down the road.  You just have to have your eyes open to see it!

My Tips on Glamour Underground

If you haven't seen this site, you should definitely check it out!  Here is a link to the article with my tips!


The idea of this magazine is what really interests me.  This is what the founder has to say.

Glamour Underground is an online magazine. It was launched in the summer of 2011 by Tara Hanrahan as an alternative to conventional women’s magazines. Our philosophy is that celebrities aren’t worthy role-models and that keeping up with fast fashion is a waste of time.

This magazine exists to help you achieve your goals – whether you want to build a strong professional network, create a valuable business, become financially stable/effortlessly stylish/ridiculously toned, well traveled or more politically aware.