Are you impressed?

I have noticed quite a bit lately how impressionable we all are.  We can't help it.  It just happens.  Your friend walks into the room with a great new handbag and you can't help but notice.  Another friend gets a new car and you can't help but notice and perhaps be a bit jealous.  Friend number 3 is getting ready to go on a great Hawaiian vacation with her boyfriend.  Here you sit.  Same job, same clothes, no guy, no vacation.  Woe is you. 

I know it's easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing and what everyone else has.  I have been there, done that.  We all have.  I will also tell you this my friends — being easily impressed by others and things is a very destructive pattern.  It doesn't do anything for us except make us feel inferior.  Why the heck would we want to do that to ourselves?!?!  We should be building ourselves up, not knocking ourselves down!

So the next time you get the urge to compare yourself to someone else or get all swept up in the material things that other people have, stop yourself.  These things don't affect or define you.  They have nothing to do with the fabulous person you are.  You are not any less fabulous because you don't have a fancy car or a designer handbag.  You are fabulous because you are a kind, cool and fun person!  People want to be around you for you!  Not for your car or your handbag.  You can walk around knowing that you are valued for you.  On that same token, you should value others for the same things.  Who they are.  Not what they have. 

So the next time you are impressed by something someone else has…change that thought.  Go ahead and be happy for her new car or that great vacation.  Then think of how lucky you are to have real friends that love you whether or not you have something material to offer them.  Don't forget, you too have things, not because you need to impress someone, but because they work for you.


Had a wonderfully fun and successful book signing last night.  Thanks for everyone who came out to see and support me!  I love meeting new people and hearing about their take on dating and their experiences. 

Can't wait until the next one!



On CBS11 at 4pm today!

I'm quite excited and a little nervous!  I am happy to say that I will be on the CBS11 here in Dallas at 4pm to talk about Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life.  I will also be promoting the event that is tomorrow night at Equinox.  See details below and I hope you can make it!


Equinox Preston Hollow

8611 Hillcrest Rd. Dallas 75225


Drinks, Snacks, DJ, mini massages and of course – you can buy the book or get yours signed!

Can't wait to see you there!



Awesome Book Signing in Park City, Utah!

I was in Park City, Utah this past week on spring break with my family.  A great friend of mine from college lives there, so we have had a tradition that began three years ago to come skiing for spring break. 

It just so happens that I think Park City is a great ski town.  In thinking about how much I believe in doing things you love, I thought Park City would be a great place to start my book tour!  I am lucky that my great friend Kristen hooked me up with Lori Harris, owner of the hippest boutique in town called Mary Jane's.  She hosted my first book signing!  We started our promotion via facebook first, and then on Monday March 14th, I was on the morning show with Jen on PCTV to talk about the book, then went over to the radio station and was on KPCW radio with Leslie Thatcher.  I donated a signed book to help them reach their pledge goals. (I sure hope they did!)

Well, the media works!  The book signing was a great success and I was able to meet some really neat people.  Two fabulous women came in that heard me on the radio.  Others heard me on the radio or saw me on tv too!  It was so nice to chat with everyone and hear how excited they were to read the book!

So my friends…lobby your hobbies!  You like to ski?  Park City, Utah is a great ski town.  Take a trip with your girl friends.  Or if you are really brave — go solo.  It is so easy to chat with people on the gondolas or lifts.  Just say hi and ask them where they are from!  Apres ski is always a great time to interact with folks while relaxing your tired legs.  The nightlife is great too!  Plus, Mary Jane's is a great place to pick up something super fab to wear out!

A New Outlook

The best thing and the worst thing about dating, is dating.  It sucks when you get all psyched up to go out with someone and they turn out to be a dud.  Boring, no fun, not your type.  It sucks to like someone, think things are going well and then, no calls. It sucks when it seems that every guy around is a player.  It sucks when you go out and out and out and can't seem to even land a good conversation. 

Well…the above just sounds negative and no fun.  Trust me ladies, I have been there.  In every scenario above.  Sometimes it just seems like the universe is determined to foil a love match.

So what is a girl to do?  Lots! 

First, change your attitude.  We just got out all the negativity in the first paragraph.  Now, forget it.  That is OLD NEWS!  So here is the new mantra.  New day, new attitude, things are going my way!  Say that every morning when you wake.  The new news is you are going to meet some fabulous people! With the NEW attitude and the perma smile you now have…the duds can't see you.  Only like people are going to flock your way.  Keep these thoughts in your head. 

So, now that you have your new attitude and your new mantra we need to put it to practice.  Let's get something else new.  A new lip gloss, a new top, a new hair style or a nice mani/pedi.  Call a good friend of yours and pick a NEW place to go out this Thursday night. 

Fast forward to Thursday.  Your new attitude, your new mantra, your new top, your good friend and your new spot.  You are all smiles.  Before you go out, find something funny to share with your friend at the table.  Suddenly, you are both the life of the new hot spot. 

Have a drink, get some snacks.  Enjoy yourself.  While you are sitting there having a blast….look around.  See anyone you want to talk to?  Get your smile on and go say hi!  Ask what's good on the menu.  Ask about what's fun to do on a Thursday night nearby.  Or if you are really brave, share your joke.  Just tell your new friends you wanted to make someone else smile. 

Who knows…you may end up with some new friends.  You may get a date.  Worse case…you had a fun night out with your friend. 

Either way…you have a new outlook.  No more dreading dating or meeting people.  You are out to have fun!  Every day is a new adventure and the only thing you need is you and a good attitude.  Oh yes, your amazing SMILE!!!!!

Drama is for Actors

Well, you have probably heard or seen some of the drama surrounding Charlie Sheen.  As you see in my title above, I think drama is for actors.  Meaning only when they act!  Not in real life! 


It goes like this…Drama, drama everywhere they go!  Can't go a day without drama!  Can't have a relationship without drama!  Don't feel right unless there is some drama!  I'm sure you know people like this.  Or maybe you are a person like this.  But I am here to tell you, that is some kind of crazy.  Seriously.  Is life not exciting enough that you have to drum up some kind of tornado and draw others in with you? 


This is no laughing matter.  It is the outcome of a serious underlying problem.  Do you know someone that always has drama in her life or do you seek drama in your life?  A good starting point might be to sit down with yourself and ask yourself why is this?  Are you seeking attention?  Are you bored?  Do you need validation?  If you find yourself always in some kind of drama, know this…it is probably you and you should seek some help.  Try to find out why it is that you are attracted to drama. 


Let's talk about the "goddesses" – Charlie Sheen's two girlfriends that live with him.  On the 20/20 interview, the interviewer asks the girls if they would want to marry Charlie.  One of them says yes.  REALLY?  I can't tell you how sorry I felt for this girl.  You see a guy that has been accused of violence toward women on MANY occasions.  A guy that has a serious addiction problem.  A narcissist.  And you want to MARRY HIM?!?  Oh, poor, lost self esteem.  What is wrong with us as women that we would put money and fame above our own self worth and self esteem?  Has the media tainted us so? 


I do hope that you see constant drama and people looking for constant drama as a big red flag for your life.  There is an underlying issue that is causing this.  Only the drama seeker can solve this.  You can try to help them or you can keep your life drama free.  I joke (but not really) that I have a 50ft drama free zone around me.  I'm not into it.  It just doesn't do it for me.  I try to value real people and real relationships based on real things. 

If I am itching for some drama…I go to the movies, try to work on one of my sketch characters or turn on the news.  I suggest you implement a 50ft drama free zone around yourself too.  You will  find that the air you breathe is cleaner and your body is more relaxed. 

Do something different!

Why not?  I'm sure you have great friends and great things you like to do.  I'm sure you love doing things the way you do them.  That's cool.  But isn't there room to do something new and different? 

If you have been doing the same old, same old routine for some time now, how about switching it up?!  Do you do the same things with the same crew every weekend?  Or every Wednesday or every something?  Why not try something new?  What is the worst thing that can happen?  You don't like the new thing.  So what?  Don't do it again.  Try something else.  Keep trying until you find something new you like!

Do you like music?  Look in your local paper or online and find a local band that interests you.  Invite a fun friend or go yourself and make some new ones!  Make a point to talk to someone new at the event.  Ask someone if they have seen the band before.  Ask them for some history on the band.  Comment on the great music. 


Are you athletic?  Do you love sports?  Why not try a new sport or a new class!  Sign up for a race!  Lots of local sporting goods stores have events posted.  I know most running stores have groups you can join.  Try it out!  Meet someone new! 


Into art?  Check your local paper or online events page and see if any cool artists are coming to town.  Does a local gallery have a showing or a special night each month where people gather to check things out.  Stroll on in there by yourself.  If you see someone noticing something you like.  Comment on it.  Ask the person why they like the particular piece.  Talk to the artist if he or she is there. 


Like to learn?  Take a class!  Check your local college or community college and sweep through the catalog and see what interests you.  Sign yourself up and learn something new.  Make some new friends! 


Into wine? I bet there is a wine tasting somewhere near you!  Find one.  Sign up and meet some people and drink some fabulous wine.  Where is the downside in that one?

Life is so wonderful.  There are so many things to do.  So many opportunities to experience all sorts of different things.  Don't be left out because you love to watch tv at night.  Television doesn't talk back.  Sitting at home alone and wishing you had something to do or wishing someone would ask you out is just dumb.  Make your own fun!  You don't have to wait for anyone but you!  You will be so much happier if you take steps to put yourself out there and live life!  So go on girl!  Have fun!  Do something different now! 

I'd love to hear what new things you are doing.  Please let me know!