The best things in life are free!

Yes, you heard it here again!  It's true! The BEST things in life are free!  Love, happiness and friendship!

So why is it that we get hung up over money?  He is just a teacher, they don't make much.  We don't stay in 5 star hotels like so and so.  Did you see her RING?  What kind of car does he drive?   I could go on and on and on. 

Just a teacher?  Hey Ms. Fancypants!  Who in the heck are you?  Maybe he is doing something he loves.  Without teachers, where would we be?  Hey FANCYPANTS!  Have you seen the movie Inside Job?  Check it out.  See if you like the honesty there. 


You don't stay in 5 star hotels?  Poor baby.  Last time I checked, the most fun I have ever had came from the company I was with, not the fancy sheets.  Believe me, I have been to many a  Ritz and I have been to a Holiday Inn.  I won't argue with you, the Ritz is nicer.  But have you ever noticed…when you love your company, it doesn't matter what the backdrop is?  You could be at either place…but the company is so good it doesn't matter.  Until you find THAT…you can just continue loving your things.  I hope your 5 star sheets love you back.

Ring?  What?  The diamond?  The gemstone that is NOT RARE at all?  The thing people kill each other for in Africa!  The stone you pay 10000X markup for?  Oh yes!  That one!  Isn't she lucky.  A big fat ring!  Rings make wonderful lovers.  Don't they?  I'm not going to completely bash it.  They are beautiful.  And, if it is what you want and your love has the means, get one.  Just don't go thinking the bigger the diamond the bigger the love.  Cuz it just ain't true! 


It's not a Mercedes?  What?  Are you living in the car?  Does he get better looking if its a fancy car?  Do his sentences start sounding more eloquent in a fancy car?  If so, shallow friend, I have this to say to you…I ain't saying she's a gold digger…she ain't messing with a broke broke…

So here my friends are some qualities you might want to look for in man.  Kindness, honesty, intelligence, character and things along those lines.  Do you get along swimmingly?  Does your heart flutter when you think of him?  Can you live without him? 


50 years from now when you are swinging on the porch together — will you be saying:

"Man, I sure loved that Mercedes and that 4 carat diamond!  Wow, that private plane to Turks and Caico's was the shit! 

Or will you be holding hands, looking into each others eyes and saying,

"I've loved spending my life with you.  I'm grateful that we have been able to do all that we have.  In the end, I'm just grateful you were by my side.  The rest, is just icing.  You, my man.  Are IT!"

You Rock!

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